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Protect Your Eyes from Diabetic Eye Disease with Regular Exams

With over 30 million Americans living with diabetes, it’s important to know the risk this systemic disease has on your health.

Diabetes affects how your body either produces or uses insulin. Insulin processes blood sugar and turns it into energy used by your cells. When your body can’t make or use insulin, this blood sugar remains in your bloodstream. This can cause blockages and can lead to kidney and heart disease and vision loss related to diabetic eye diseases.

If you have diabetes, frequent eye exams are essential for protecting your ocular health.

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How Does Diabetes Affect the Eyes?

Our eyes are sensitive organs supplied by many delicate blood vessels. When blood sugar builds up in the bloodstream, these fragile blood vessels become blocked, preventing blood flow to the eyes.

This can manifest as several different diabetic eye diseases.


Behind the pupil and the iris is the lens, which helps focus the light entering the eye onto the retina. When the lens starts to cloud and fog, this is called a cataract.

Cataracts generally develop as part of the natural aging process and are very common in Americans over 80. While anybody can get cataracts, those with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing them, and much earlier and worse than others.

When the eyes’ delicate blood vessels are damaged by high blood sugar, they can swell, break, and leak blood and fluids into the retina. This leads to an eye disease called diabetic retinopathy. The eyes will occasionally attempt to compensate by growing new, but weak and abnormal, blood vessels, but these can also risk damaging your retina.

Diabetic macular edema (DME) is a common complication of diabetic retinopathy. DME occurs when there is fluid build-up from the damaged blood vessels in the macula, causing it to swell.

High blood sugar can also cause your lens to swell, which may lead to blurred vision. This vision change may be temporary. However, this vision change may be temporary and can be corrected by getting your blood sugar levels back under control.

Symptoms of Diabetic Eye Diseases

How to Protect Your Eyes from Diabetes

There are several steps you can take to protect yourself from vision loss and eye damage caused by diabetes:

  • Control your diabetes ABCs: A1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol
  • Quit or don’t start smoking
  • Follow your doctor’s advice carefully
  • Follow your diabetes meal plan carefully
  • Exercise regularly
  • Undergo regular dilated eye exams

Comprehensive eye exams will not only help protect your eyes from diabetic eye diseases, but they can also detect and diagnose diabetes before you even know you have it.

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With the help of a trained optometrist, you can manage and monitor your eyes for diabetic symptoms. Please book your appointment, and do your part to protect your vision.

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